This is the most powerful monitoring tool to give your partner, children, employee, business associate, friend etc.. or whoever you wish to monitor. This spy phone software uses a highly advanced and intelligent program that works in its own environment to offer the very best mobile phone surveillance on the market.
Our new feature for the Full Suite now includes a Remote Control Management Tool which means that once the software has been initially installed you never need touch the target phone again. Any codewords, symbols or characters you specify can be used to remotely activate and de-activate any or all of the features and change the pre-defined number on your command.
Many try to replicate our powerful software but we are the ONLY genuine suppliers of 100% tamper proof and trace resistant technology.

Call Interception:
Whenever the Target Phone (TP) makes or receives a call, a notification SMS is immediately sent to you indicating the direction of call (incoming/ outgoing) showing the actual number of Remote Party. At this moment you have the option to make a call to the TP and intercept  the conversation. The TP will create a conference and allow you to listen clearly to both sides of the call.  *NOTES FOR CALL INTERCEPTION - In order to use the Call Interception feature please ensure that ‘’Call Conferencing’’ is activated on the network SIM card used inside the TP. To activate Call Conferencing please call the network provider and ask them to activate this feature. Call Conferencing is currently only available on contract SIM cards. Please also ensure that the ‘’Call Waiting’’ feature is activated on the TP and this is done by simply going to: Menu/ Settings/ Call/ and then activating Call Waiting. Call interception may not be available on all networks.

Boot / SIM change:
Whenever the TP's SIM card is changed, a notification SMS is immediately sent to your number. Whenever the TP is switched on, a notification SMS is immediately sent to you.

The TP will send its location/ network details to the PDN on request.


This will include:  

1. Network: TIM (current user network)  

2. LAC: 1432 (location area code)  

3. Cell ID: 2141 (current base station ID can be visualized on a map in some countries.

4. Signal strength: 86 (if the phone is closer to a base station then signal strength will be greater)

5. Location: street name (this is the street address of the base station provided by the network through CB message). Please Note: When you request the location, automatically the software will detect if the network supports this feature and therefore if no location is returned please assume the network SIM does not support this feature..

The software can be restarted at any time by sending the reboot command from the PDN (Pre Defined Number). If this feature is applicable to your package, by sending the Reboot command will help stabilise the software should it encounter any problems.

Status Report :
By sending the Status command will return a text message to your PDN to assure you that the software is working and which features you have activated.