Spy Kit

This Spy Kit is a listening device Kit that contains a special quartz receiver as well as 2 quartz oscillator transmitters. The First transmitter is designed for use in a room or vehicle, & the second connects to the phone line. You can use them seperately or together.

Their frequencies are fixed, that means they will never need to adjusted.
The picked up conversations can be heard on the receiver, simply by turning on the switch, and adjusting the volume.

There is also a recording output jack, so you can attach your voice recorder to capture all the evidence.

Spying made simple.


Built-in Batteries: Lithium
Oscillator transmitter-receiver
Frequency: Special FM
Range: 50-100 Meters
Switch volume control

Operating Procedure:

Room Transmitter
Attach antenna
Screw the antenna (plug into the connector on the bottom of the unit)

Try to keep the antenna extended as straight as possible.
Moving the switch to ON (The side with the red mark) & it begins transmission.

Telephone Transmitter
Attach to phone line

Plug the earphone cord
Connect the earphone with receiver by inserting it's connector into the jack, and put the earphone into your ear. You will be able to hear the conversation from the other end. Since the earphone cord also serves as the antenna for this unit, it should be stretched out as far as possible when in use.
Turn on Power switch (Turn the power switch to the right until you hear a "click" sound). Power is now being supplied to the unit.
Adjust the volume (Turning this switch to the right will increase the volume).
Do not forget to turn off the power after having finished with the receiver.

1 x Receiver
1 x Room Transmitter
1 x Telephone Transmitter
1 x Earphone
1 x Battery charger for Receiver & Room Transmitter
1 x Retractable USB cable
2 x Antennas
1 x User Guide