Solar Concentrating Sheet, 1600 Celcius Degrees

or Make Your Own 150" INCH Big Screen TV from this lens

Size 17x25 cm

Starts Fires Instantly, Use for Solar Experimentation/Learning
This Fresnel Lens concentrates sunlight to over 3000F, This can be used for metal water chemistry to make hydrogen, melting metals and more.  Needless to say it starts fires on paper and wood instantly.  This is NOT the silly magnifying lens you played with as a kid.  This is serious heat INSTANTLY

This sheet is light, thin and VERY flexible.  It will not crack and you can not break it by bending it.
Many other sheet magnifiers are NOT flexible.  I carry one of these in my emergency kit backpack where every I travel.  Missionaries carry it and give them way around the world.  Many places in the world people will tear a paper match into 6 pieces just so they can light fires.  Imagine their delight when they get one of these.  All the fire they want as long as the sun is shining.


Solar Energy is High Quality Radiant Energy.  
Simple Small solar furnaces can be made for experimentation and learning.
This sheet will provide a sufficient quality of heat to melt, Zinc, Aluminum, Copper and Brass.
Heat  up some very small iron nails or tacks in a small glass tube and add a little bit of steam
and you'll produce hydrogen.
2Fe + 3H20 --> Fe2O3 + 3H2 (happens around 1500F+)
Same thing with Aluminum (Al)
2Al + 3H20 --> Al2O3 + 3H2  (happens around 1100F+)
Even Charcoal [Carbon] (C)
C + H20 --> CO2 + H2 (can start around 600F+)

Conversion of Biomass to Hydrogen.
Put some garbage, paper, wood, grass, or dog doody into a small metal container and put an 'exit hole' for the gas. Insulate the container with a high temperature insulation and concentrate sunlight on it.  Let the gas flow out so there is no oxygen left in the container and then light the gas coming out.  You will get a nice flame.  If you get the stuff in the small container (like a very small soup can) hot enough, then the gas coming out will be mostly H2 and CO (Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide).

150" TV projection

Yang harus diperhatikan utk meningkatkan kualitas gambar:
- Cahaya jangan bocor.
- Ruangan harus gelap banget
- Atur Contrast dan Brightness TV ke paling tinggi
- Layar diberi bingkai warna hitam akan meningkatkan detail batas2 bentuk dalam gambar di layar.
- Di sisi kiri kanan lensa di depan kotak fokus diberi semacam daun dari karton hitam ukuran lebar 10 cm seperti pintu, efeknya seperti corong kamera.
- Kualitas TV sendiri harus bagus. Untuk Film, sebaiknya DVD karena resolusinya baik utk diproyeksikan ke layar.