Slimming Belt

Microcomputer Strong Shaking Belt


Rp 650.000,-


By adopting microcomputer control, the strong shaking belt can directly act on the abdomen and back parts, buttocks, thigh, calf and arm through new type double-direction motor vibration. The powerful built-in motor will directly act on the human body from the surface to the deep grease with strong power.


By adopting latest microcomputer control panel, the control of speed and vibration can be easily mastered and is clear at a glance.

By using the strong shaking belt, body building is not a difficult thing anymore. It let you do exercise easily and keep you perfect curve.


Electric parameter:

Voltage AC220V/50Hz

Power 60W

Adaptor: input 110-240V Output DC24V/2.5A

Massage motor: 555 model DC24V 5000r/m