Thermal Electric


Rp 125.000,- (4x4cm)


Instant Cold/ Hot from small module ! (polaritas tinggal dibalik)


They are solid-state, vibration-free, noise-free heat pumps.

Featured with no moving parts, being small in size and light in weight, the modules have been widely used within the military, medical, industrial, consumer, scientific/laboratory areas for cooling, heating and electric power generation.


Application: Overclocking, mini refrigerator, Food service refrigerator, portable cooler box for cars, liquid cooling and temperature stabilizer, etc


TEC1-12706, Data obtained at hot plate temperature Th=27C.
V max=15V, I max=6A

DTmax= 68 Celcius degree

Qmax (watts) = 51.4

Size 40x40x4 mm


DTmax is the maximum temperature difference between the hot and cold side of the module with no heat load.


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