DC High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitor 

82uF 400V YK 85 Rubycon (4 pc)

100uF 400V CE-W Elna, Japan (4) Gambar

100uF 450V KXG 105 Nippon Chemicon (100 pc) Gambar

100uF/ 750VDC Vishay Roederstein (1pc) Gambar

82uF 570V 105C Rubycon

110uF 570V 105C Rubycon

120uF 570V 105C Rubycon

120uF 420V KXG Nippon Chemicon (2 pc)

120uF 400V Hitachi Japan PN: A42L-0001-0095/121 (1pc) Gambar
120uF 450V GN 105 Nichicon Japan (50 pc) Gambar
150uF 400V DC KXG 105 Nippon Chemicon (80 pc) 

160uF 450V MXG 105 Rubycon (1 pc)

180uF 200V SAW 105 Rubycon (50 pc) Gambar

200uF 220V KXW 105 Rubycon (6pc) Gambar

200uF 450V GG 105 Nichicon (3 pc)

220uF 400V AQ 105 Nichicon (2 pc)

220uF 400V KMG 105 Nippon Chemicon (4 pc)

220uF 500V CE 105 Nippon Chemicon (1 pc)

270uF 450V KMR 105 Nippon Chemicon (45 pc) Gambar

270uF 400V LXH 105 Nippon Chemicon (2 pc)
270uF 450V MXG 105 Rubycon (10 pc) 

270uF 450V RTP (PET) 85 Rubycon (6 pc)

300uF 250V CE 105 Nippon Chemicon (1 pc)
330uF 200V KXG Nippon Chemicon (16 pc)
330uF 250V KXW 105 Rubycon (6 pc)
330uF 400V KMS 105 Nippon Chemicon (2 pc)

540uF 450V Cornell Dubilier (6 pc) Gambar

1000uF 200V KMQ 105 Nippon Chemicon (2 pc)
1500uF 400V Nippon Chemicon (2 pc)

1800uF 200V Panasonic (10 pc) Gambar

2200uF 400V Hitachi (2 pc) Gambar

4700uF 400V Hitachi (1 pc) Gambar

8200uF 400V Nippon Chemicon (USED)(4 pc) Gambar

Pastikan capacitor yg dicari dipakai untuk DC /AC.

AC HV Capacitor

2uF 450VAC Senju Polypropylene Film Capacitor
AppIied to starting and better working of single-phase motor in 50Hz(60Hz) AC electric power system. It is widely used for electric fan,range hood,air exchange fan,washing machine, and also power saver.

40uF 400VAC Chemicon Oil Immersion
Cuma ada 1 pc

400uF 250VAC Motor Starting Capacitor