Magic Guard USB
(Color QUAD processor +Digital MPEG4 Recording)


Magic Guard USB is designed for security monitor sub-system w / remote view via IE. Input signal can up to 4 different video source. The 1st VIDEO output to TV or LCD monitor. ( with video input ) The 2nd Video output can be recorded by VCR. Real time displays each video in 1/4 display area at the same time. Supports powerful PIP ( Picture in Picture ), OSD, Auto Save, Sensitivity, Zoom, EVENT LIST, Freeze, Date, Time , Auto Sequential, Decoder Setup, Channel Re-Name, Key Lock function.



Rp 2.000.000,- (Taiwan)

Garansi 1 th




  • Plug & play USB 2.0 interface and compatible with WINME/2000/XP.

  • Bundle with Digital MGuard software. ( Mpeg4 Video Database and Divx 5.0.2 Mpeg4 Codec ).

  • Software Real Time MPEG4 avi video encoder and decoder.

  • Display and record each camera or any video signal simultaneously.

  • Support NTSC or PAL video system.

  • Adjustable color setting ( Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation ) quality, alarm, motion detection area.

  • Motion Detection: watch for movement detected and record the video clips.

  • Preview window size adjustable ( zoom ).

  • Allow the users to define the environment that they do not wish to observe, by adjusting mask area and sensitivity.

  • Mpeg4 video file database management, delete, backup or review.

  • Storage recycle: When running out of disk space, the oldest file will be deleted automatically.

  • Mpeg4 codec feature:
    Automatically generate Divx mp4-avi file according to your system time.
    The real-time software encoder can directly record 4 Video sources to HD.
    Every camera Compression: 5~6Gbytes/24hr ( All frames are recorded ).
    Every camera Compression: 0.5G~3Gbytes/24hr ( with motion and time interval ).

  • Frame resolution: NTSC 320*240,PAL 360*288.

  • Every camera recording frame rates: Pentium4 1G:6~8 fps/Pentium4 2G:8~12 fps./Pentium4 2.8G:12~14 fps.

  • Every camera preview frame rates: Pentium4 1G:15~20 fps./Pentium4 2G:20~25 fps./Pentium4 2.8G:25~30 fps.

  • OS requirements:WINME/2000/XP.

  • HD requirements: about 80GB for one week ( All video frames are recorded ).

  • System RAM: 128 MB or above.


  • Switchable NTSC/PAL video system.

  • Support 2 Composite VIDEO out to TV or recording by VCR or Digital MGuard software ( by USB 2.0 ).

  • Support GPIO function:4 input and 1 output.

  • Support 4 independent composite video input connectors.

  • Can be applied to TV monitor security individually security system.

  • Video 1~4 buttons are used to display single channel video and set main-channel for PIP mode.

  • Real time display each video on 1/4 display area at the same time.

  • Provides horizontal image mirroring.

  • Date, Time & Channel Name show status of each Quad display.

  • Date, Time can be selected to be displayed ON or OFF the screen.

    Title can be selected to be displayed ON or OFF the screen.
    Support PIP ( Picture In Picture ) function : PIP window is movable and changeable.

    *PIP-window changeable: the video source ( VIDEO1~VIDEO4 ) can be changed

    *Main window changeable: the video source ( VIDEO1~VIDEO4 ) can be changed

    Support Decoder Setup function : BRIGHTNESS,CONTRAST,SATURATION,HUE can be adjusted for individual camera.
    Support Sensitivity function : Motion Detection & Video lose detection.
    Support EVENT LIST function. : Max 20 events ( to view the events which have been triggered and recorded recently )

    Support ZOOM function : ZOOM window is movable and enlargeable.
    Support MIRROR function.
    Support Freeze function.

    Support Auto Sequential function.

    Support AUTO SAVE function, it's can save ~

    -DATE & TIME
    -DECODER SETUP ( for individual camera )


    - Brightness
    - Contrast
    - Saturation
    - Hue



    - Buzzer :

    Loss OFF~99 sec ( video loss alarm )
    Motion OFF~99 sec ( motion detected alarm )
    Alarm OFF~99 sec ( GPIO port active alarm )

    - Mirror


    - Border : OFF / White / Black


    Support KEY LOCK function: once key lock function on, all buttons are locked on the panel except "menu" button (prevent careless touching).
    Remote Control support : QUAD, PIP, MENU/ENTER, FREEEZE / SEQUENCE, ZOOM, Channel select ( VIDEO1 ~ VIDEO4 )