Eye Cooler/ Eye Mask

Rp 50.000,-

The brand new flexible mask is filled with non-toxic gel, is comfortable to wear and has an adjustable headband.

Application method:
Put the facial mask (ice pack) into the icebox and take out after 1 hour. If it's urgent to use the eye mask, you can put it in the icebox in advance, and place it on the brow when you want to use.

Application range:
1. Can improve the facial micro-circulation, eliminate and improve the tiredness of eyes, recover the elasticity of muscle around the eyes.
2. Can improve the discomfort such as swirling and dazzling, easy-forgetting, anorexia etc. To alleviate migraine, neurasthenic, insomnia and so on.
3. Can eliminate pouch, black eyes, improve the elasticity of facial skin.

Caution: The facial mask is only external use.