1. Deluxe Car MP3 Player & FM Transmitter


Merupakan car MP3 dan FM transmitter yang paling lengkap. Memory menggunakan USB flash disk atau SD/ MMC card. Juga tersedia line-in untuk player lain (diskman, walkman, dll)



Harga Rp 550.000,- (1 kg)

Taiwan (Garansi 6 bln)

(belum termasuk USB Flash Disk/ SD card/ MMC card)



USB 1.1 Host complying with USB storage class spec.ver.1.0.

Supports the SD/MMC card.

Search for whole disk (MP3 File).

Input button for Play (Pause), Previous, Next, Function, Volume + and Volume .

Supporting sampling frequency 48, 44.1, 32, 24, 22.05, 16 KHz.

Accepts data rate from 32Kbps up to 320Kbps, including VBR .

Supports VBR (variable bit rate) for MP3.

Supports repeat song: one song repeat, all, random.

Supports 5 EQ mode: Jazz, Rock, Bass, Normal and Class.

Supports any key turn on back light function.


Antenna: Built-in.

Resume-like function: start from the same song, which played before power-off.

Power: DC12V using Cigarette Jack.

Audio Output: FM Output.

Line in: Audio input.

Play Button: Play (or Pause) MP3 music.

Next Button: Play next song.

Previous Button: Play Previous song.

Volume + Button: Volume increase.

Volume Button: Volume reduces.

Function Button: (a) Change repeat function, (b) EQ mode, (c) transmitter frequencies.

Supports 14 transmitter frequencies: 87.7, 87.9, 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 106.7, 106.9, 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7, and 107.9.



2. Car MP3 Player & FM Transmitter

with remote control



Harga Rp 275.000,-


Car MP3 Player ini khusus untuk di mobil. Suara yang dihasilkan dari MP3 Player ini akan dipancarkan lewat gelombang FM, sehingga suara dapat ditangkap melalui FM radio yang ada di mobil. Dengan demikian tidak membutuhkan koneksi ke car stereo yang ada, gelombang FM yang ditangkap akan terdengar pada speaker mobil.
Alat ini menggunakan Flashdisk USB yang dijual terpisah sebagai penyimpan lagu-lagu MP3, bisa juga menggunakan USB MP3 Player biasa atau MMC/SD Card Reader.

Spesifikasi :
- 7 channel FM

- 7 LEDs yang menunjukkan 7 channels yang ada dan 1 LED yang menyatakan kondisi on (play or pause)
- Dilengkapi line input (input dari peralatan lain seperti diskman, iPod, DVD, MP3 Player, dll.

Cara Pemakaian :
1. Pasang alat ini di cigarette lighter mobil
2. Pasang USB Flashdisk / Card Reader pada USB port.
3. Setel frekuensi FM radio mobil sesuai frekuensi yang digunakan.
4. Tekan Tombol 'Play'


3. Car MP3 Player & FM Transmitter

Harga Rp 450.000,- (1 kg)

Taiwan (Garansi 6 bln)

(belum termasuk USB Flash Disk/ memory)


Berguna sebagai MP3 player melalui Flash Disk (optional) dan dipancarkan lewat FM transmitter. Gelombang yg dipancarkan diterima oleh FM tuner di head unit mobil. Suara lebih bagus dari MP3 player lainnya.



- The host controller conforms to Full-speed (12Mb/s) USB Specification, Version 1.1,and 14.318 MHz external clock

- Supports the USB flash disk device (Version 1.1 or 2.0) with Mass storage class

- Search for whole disk (MP3 File) 

- Input button for Play (Pause), Previous, Next, Volume + and Volume - 

- MPEG audio layer 1, 2 and 3 decoder supports MPEG 1 & 2 for all layers, and Layer 3's 2.5 extensions, and all their sample rates and bit rates, in mono or stereo Operates with single clock 24.567 MHz 


- Antenna: Built-in 

- Resume-like function: start from the same song which played before power-off

- Power: DC12V using Cigarette Jack 

- Displays: Power LED, Buttons LED, Remove USB Flash Drive LED  

- Audio Out: FM Out 

- Select Switch: Select a Channel (2 Dip Switches) 

- Play Button: Play ( or Pause) MP3 music 

- Next Button: Play next song 

- Line Out: Transmits MP3 music to Car Stereo Speakers 

- Supports 8 transmitter frequencies are lower frequencies 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7MHz and higher frequencies 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7MHz.