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Rp 1.200.000,- Rp 800.000,-

Revolutionary allergy device to reduce or eliminate hay fever and nasal allergies without the need of medication. Uses phototherapy to offer drug-free, painless relief from the nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching, and teary eyes that characterize allergic rhinitis (hay fever).

This is a breakthrough system. It provides long lasting relief with no known side effects. Conventional treatments, such as antihistamines and nose sprays, provide only temporary relief and are associated with a variety of side effects.

The unit consists of a small pocket-sized, battery driven power pack, and two probes, each consisting of 3 precision focused light emitting diodes. After the probes are inserted into the nostrils, a single push button activates the unit for 4.5 minutes to illuminate the allergic rhinitis affected area, after which the device turns off automatically.

The base of the system is Phototherapy which protects the nasal mucous membrane against various causes of allergy such as pollen, dust, bugs, pet dush and sinus pain. The usage of Phototherapy is 100% safe and has no side-effects.


Download : Bionase Clinical Research (122 KB)



Apply a low dose of red light during a 4.5 minute treatment session. Used as either the sole treatment or as a supplement to existing treatments, Bionase® provides relief for Rhinitis sufferers. Use the Bionase® treatment on a regular basis, starting with a minimum of 3 times daily in order to ensure optimal control of Allergic Rhinitis symtoms. Once symtoms are relieved, reduce the number of treatment sessions and use as needed.


How the Bionase® works

The specific red light emitted by the Bionase light source protects the mucous membrance of the nose against allergic agents. Although it is not known how it works exactly, the following processes play an important role:

  • The red light ensures that the receptor of the immune cell reacts more slowly to pollen

  • The walls of the mast cells become less penetrable as a result of the specific light,
         which means that less histamine is released

  • The combined action of the immune cells is influenced locally, reducing the reaction to
         allergic agents.


    A breakthrough in allergic rhinitis relief

    New effective treatment of hay fever and other nasal allergies without the need for medicines. Conventional treatments for allergic rhinitis provide only temporary relief and a variety of side effects. The drug-free treatment with Bionase® provides continuous relief from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching and teary eyes without any known side effects. Bionase® allows patients to make it through the day with a clear head and function normally both at home and at work.


    The proven success of the Bionase®

    The Bionase® has undergone clinical trials and has resulted in a significant reduction of allergic symptoms in most patients. These trials showed that the mucous membrane became less sensitive and a reduction in the allergic symptoms occured within two weeks. In most cases, the Bionase® will provide rapid relief. Some symptoms may abate or even disappear within the space of a few hours.
    In the other cases this will take a few days. The main benefit of the Bionase® phototherapy treatment is that it is highly localized and does not affect other parts of the body as is the case with a great many medicines. Futhermore, the Bionase® provides long term relief with alleviation and even disappearance of the allergic symptoms.


    Technical Specification

       Light Treatment

    Narrow band 660 nm light

       Illumination Power

    Minimum 6mW for each nostril


    Push-button operated automatically turns off after 4.5 minutes

       Timer Accuracy

    10% deviation

       Active LED

    Green LED lights up when unit is on

       Power Source

    9V Alkaline Battery

       Battery Lifetime

    Approximately 100 treatments

       Low Battery Indication

    Active LED flashes

       Control Unit Weight

    120g with battery
    70g without battery

       Control Unit Size

    90x65x30 mm