Air Purifier (ion dan ozone)


1. Ionic Air Freshener & Ozone (Car Use)

Rp 300.000,-


Produce Active Oxygen
Clear Air : Anion of negative charge can neutralize with the soot and dust of positive charge floating in the air resulting in the natural subsidence of them.
Eliminate Peculiar Smells : The anion can be absorbed easily by various organism which will change their structures or transfer their energy so as to elimination the peculiar smells and germs.
Improve pulmonary function : increase 20% lungs absorption of oxygen and exhaustion of CO2 by 15%, to improve the blood circle and pulmonary function
Prevent Air Conditioner Disease : improve body immunity
Ozone Disinfection : without any pollution or side effect as well as 15 minute timer installed in the item
Fragrance function : equip with a fragrance tablet to release the scent slowly (optional)

Anion and ozone can work separately: when the ozone starts to work the anion will stop and vice versa.
Power <8W; DC12V
Supply: Car Lighter cable


2. Ionic Air Freshener & Ozone (Home Use)


Dengan fisik yang lebih besar dan memiliki spesifikasi sbb:
-  Konsumsi daya 10 watt
Ion Output > 3 x 106 / cm3   
   -  Dimensi : 260 x 120 x 50 mm

  Cocok digunakan di ruangan kantor, rumah sakit, toilet, kamar tidur, dsb.

Rp 350.000,-


  Kondisi Udara Banyak Ion Negatif Banyak Ion Positif
  Kondisi Darah Basa (alkali) Asam (Acid)
  Jantung Berfungsi baik Bekerja lebih berat
  Tekanan Darah Normal Tinggi
  Pernafasan Bekerja dgn baik Bekerja lebih berat
  Keletihan cepat pulih lebih letih