(time controller for students watching TV or playing PC)



TIMEDOG----time controller for students watch TV or play PC, for parents who care about their children’s health and habits, TIMEDOG adept manual lock innovatively, let all the parents even know-nothing about computer can operate easily yet kids unlock it difficulty, avoid general software’s defect. Lots of parents need it; no similar products exist before, TIMEDOG emerged as the times require. 4 functions: restrict the usage time of PC or TV to reduce radiation; prevent and suppress child to become internet-friend; help child get good and regular life habit; protect eyes.


Rp 850.000,-



Locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access


Programmable weekly time schedule with different daily access setting.



Seft-control mode for effective time management
  • power input
    • 220V
  • power output
    • 6A
  • dimension
    • 19.5 x 13 x 8.5cm


    • total time & period:
      • daily setup for 1 week,  can be of similar or different setting. total allocated time is only valid within the day. unused time cannot be brought to the nest day. you can set up to 3 different periods per day.
    • parental mode:
      • as parent, you are not limited by the setting of TIMEDOG, you can switch to "timeoff" position anytime, and your usage will not affect the original setting of TIMEDOG.
    • warning buzzer:
      • when TIMEDOG is in used with the "time on", the built-in buzzer will start to beep 5 min before the total allocated time is out.
    • computer backup shutdown:
      • this is an unique and useful feature of TIMEDOG, especially if you are connecting to the computer.