Optimafone (Senao SN-359 Plus)



Rp 3.200.000,- (1 handset)


Long range wireless communication capability connects you to the world! 
Attractive ergonomically designed base unit
Small mobile phone type handset that is easy for carrying
Handset with large LCD display
Easy to operate

Multi-handset system (up to 10 handsets can be used at the same time)
Built-in Booster
Transferring calls between handsets
Can be used as a Walkie-Talkie
Handset with speakerphone function
Base unit speakerphone
FSK/DTMF auto caller ID
MCU control, 80,000 different sets of security code capability
Large LCD display that illuminates in the dark
Time display with alarm function
Talk time display
8 different ring tones
Quick dialing and number searching (10 phonebook memory, 10 dialed number recall)
Quick searching received/missed call
Tone/pulse dialing capability
Super power-saving with long standby time
Ultra High frequency
Low battery alert
Battery charge indicator
Two-way paging and intercom function



Telescopic antenna for base unit
Outdoor antenna with 15M cable with booster
AC adaptor for base unit

1 handset

Handset charger
Leather carry case for handset