Recordable Remotes + Universal Remote


Remote ini bisa menggantikan banyak remote menjadi 1 remote dengan cara belajar/ copy dari remote asli.


Anda bisa menentukan tombol yang akan di-copy sesuka hati.

Mis: tombol TV (halaman TV), tombol yg ada bisa untuk bermacam-macam remote.

- Tombol 0~9 untuk ch. TV

- Tombol play, pause, FF, Rev, stop untuk DVD

- Tombol Vol untuk amplifier

Kalau semua tombol sudah terpakai penuh, anda bisa pakai halaman VCR, dst sampai 2 halaman terpakai semua



2 pages layout (TV, DVD)

Includes full programming instructions and codes
Programming Methods include: Code search; Code search by brand; and Direct code entry
Learns all keys
Volume/Mute Punch-through (Can program volume/mute keys to only work a specific device)
Code Identification feature
Works 2 Devices (TV & DVD/vcr/cable/audio) It doesn't have to be just TV and DVD.
Very simple and easy to program
Stores Codes and saves codes, even if the batteries are taken out for a long period of time.
HOME Button, can be saved just like a favorite channel button. (Home button could be your attractions channel)
Learning functions, if for some reason this remote doesn't have a code for a particular unit, it can be learned form the original remote
Inverted Set and Learning buttons so customers cannot press to deprogram the remote.
Works TV, and DVD without having to press the device button at the top. So no switching back and forth. Blue Text buttons work for the DVD.
Has Subtitle, and Closed Caption buttons.
Doesn't have a menu button (So guests cannot mess with settings on TV)

The DVD mode will also set-up for a second TV, DVD/VCR combos, TV/DVD/VCR combos, TV/DVD combos. VCR's, laserdisc, audio, cable, sat, etc. So your not restricted to just DVD's.

For: TV, VCR, Cable TV, VCD, DVD, CD, Amplifier

Rp 150.000,-