Ferrite Clamp Filters

(Ferrite Core with Case)

ferrite clamp

Dari kiri ke kanan:
1. Samsung Ferrite clamp diameter max 7 mm
2. Unknown Ferrite Clamp 6-9 mm (Mirip TDK)

3. TDK Ferrite clamp diameter 6-9 mm (ZCAT2035-0930A)
4. Ferrico Ferrite Clamp 6-9 mm
5. TDK Ferrite clamp  diameter max 11 mm (ZCAT2132-1130)
6. Samsung Ferrite clamp diameter max 13 mm

1. Rp 50.000,- (4 pcs)
2. Rp 80.000,- (4 pcs)
3. Kosong       (4 pcs)
4. Rp 80.000,- (4 pcs)
5. Rp 100.000,- (4 pcs)
6. Rp 150.000,- (4 pcs)

2. TDK Ferrite clamp diameter 6-9 mm (ZCAT2035-0930A)

Part Number : ZCAT2035-0930A
Product Name : Clamp Filters
TDK Series Name : ZCAT Series

Application :
Personal computers, word processors, monitors, hard disk drives, digital telephones, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, video games, copiers and facsimiles.

Function :
A type means Cable fixed type (hold the cable to secure it with the main body). Ferrite core provides excellent absorption of high-frequency EMC. Highly effective as countermeasure against common mode EMC without adverse effect on signal quality. Large core size prevents saturation during large signal surges.

Description :
Unique plastic case ensures simple, convenient installation and includes a self-holding mechanism to prevent slippage on cables.

Lead (Pb) Free Yes
Body Length (L) Nom 35 mm
Outside Diameter Nom Nom 19.5 mm
Inside Diameter Nom Nom 9 mm
Cable Diameter 6 to 9 mm
Cable Type Round/Oval Cable
Impedance Min 80 Ohm
Frequency of Impedance Nom 50 MHz
Category Temperature Range Min -40 Cel Max 85 Cel
Storage Temperature Range Min -40 Cel Max 85 Cel
Weight Nom 22 g