ARS Silmic, ROA Cerafine, ROB Tonerex, An alternative line of sonic flavorings.
Elna offers a line of electrolytic capacitors utilizing premium dielectric materials not found in other brands.


ELNA ARS SILMIC Audio Grade Capacitor


ELNA ROA Cerafine Audio Grade Capacitor

Cerafine series fine ceramic adopted electrolytic capacitor for audio.
This reproduces very clear sound with real concert-hall presence by depressing the generation of electrical noise due to external vibration. Lead wires oxygen-free copper for extremely low distortion. (Third high frequency distortion 10kHz,0.1A,-120dB or less)

ROA is a ceramic particle type with crisp reproduction, sometimes compared to Black Gate capacitors. The Cerafine ROA has a warmer midrange with a very slight touch of rasp in vocals. Ceramic particle. Oxygen free tinned copper leads.

ELNA ROB TONEREX  Audio Grade Capacitor.
ROB series has special composite electrolytic paper, with a slightly cooler midrange than Nichicon KZ. Tonerex have a smooth top end with a slightly recessed vocal/midrange. Tonerex uses a specially developed composite paper and oxygen free tinned copper leads.


10uF 16V	RE3
47uF 16V	RJB
100uF 10V	RC2
100uF 16V	R2A
470uF 10V	RJ3

10uF 50V

47uF 50V

47uF 63V

100uF 25V

100uF 63V

-40~85 C
ELNA type : ARS

SILMIC 2 22uF 50V

100 uF 25V / 10x16mm

-40~85 C
ELNA type : ROA

Elna for Audio

47uF 63V

3.300 uF 42V 21x45mm

3.900uF 50V

4.700uF 56V

10.000uF 56V

90 C, +/-20% Tolerance
Long life
High ripple current (1.64Amp)
ELNA type : LPO

6800uF 80V
47000uF 25V


10uF 16V (100 pc) Gambar
10uF 50v ARS Elna Silmic
22uF 50v Elna Silmic 2 
47uF 16V Elna RJB 105C Low impedance (100 pc) Gambar
47uF 63v Elna for Audio Gambar
47uF 63v ARS Elna Silmic
100uF 10V Elna RC2 Stok banyak Gambar
100uF 16V Elna Gold Gambar
100uF 25v ROA Elna Cerafine (merah, Japan) Rp 12000,- (50 pc)
100uF 25v ARS Elna Silmic
100uF 63v ARS Elna Silmic Pic 
470uF 10V Elna RJ3 105C Low impedance (diatas RE3, Japan) Pic
3300 uF 42v LPO Elna for Audio, Japan (LPO =Tonerex) Rp 35000 Pic 
3900 uF 50V LPO Elna for Audio, Japan Rp 40.000 Pic
4700 uF 56V LPO Elna for Audio Pic
6800 uF 80V Elna, Japan Rp 80.000,-Pic
10.000 uF 56V LPO Elna for Audio, Japan Rp 100.000,- Pic
47.000 uF 25V Elna, Japan OEM part untuk Daiwa PSU 30A (PS-300, PS-304) Rp 150.000,-Pic