High Power LED 5W/12V




Lampu LED putih dengan daya besar 5 Watt. Cahaya terfokus dengan sudut 90 derajat.

Tegangan input 12V DC/AC, karena AC/DC maka polaritas koneksi tidak perlu diperhatikan.


Product Spec:
Wattage-Equivalent (W): 50
Wattage-Actual (W): 5
Voltage: DC/AC 12V
Bulb Shape: MR16.
Base Type: GU5.3 Fits standard sockets.
Light Source: 1 single 5W High Power LEDs
Beam Angel: 90˚
Color: Sun White
Average Lifetime: 30,000 hrs

Product Features:
Compare to 50 Watt MR16 Halogen Bulb & Ideal for replacing them
Super brightness
Long life more than 30,000hrs
Saving Power-Saves up to 80% energy compared to halogen.
Save US$270.00 per bulb over the life of the bulb (30,000 hrs calculation.)
Save US$22.60 per bulb per year (at 20/KWH, 7 hrs/day)
Generates an even circular beam pattern.
No UV or IR light radiation
Low heat: Excellent heat sink performance - Saving the cost of air conditioning.
Ideal for bulb, club, Cafe's spot lighting, also suit for retail's track lighting Display Case Accent, home and office lighting.. etc.


Rp 300.000,-