Non contact Infrared Thermometer


Rp 1.000.000,-


Temperature range -20 to 320C

Unit selectable F / C
Accuracy 2% of reading or 2C, which ever is greater

Rugged & Ergonomic design for general purposes

Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode

Extended long time measuring reliability

Auto power off
Backlit LCD display
Laser sighting On/Off is switchable

A new hand held infra red thermometer is an economical solution to general temperature applications. Measuring from -20 to 320C , with a response time of 0.5 seconds, it will deliver accurate temperatures instantly.

The display is backlit, and the unit has auto power off after the trigger is released. Optics are 8:1 - meaning that the measured area is around 120mm diameter at 1 meter range, and the position is indicated by a laser aiming point.

Emissivity setting is fixed at 0.95 meaning that the unit will deliver good accuracy on most non shiny or reflective surfaces. As with all infra red devices, use on polished stainless steel or aluminium should be avoided.

Accuracy is +/-2% or +/-2C whichever is larger. For use in Food Safety applications, you should enquire about our special certified versions of this thermometer.