Anti Losing Alarm

Alarm Anti Kehilangan



Rp 300.000,-


It works on a transmitter/receiver concept. The transmitter is placed on the object and the receiver is placed with you. When either part moves apart at a set distance the receiver alarm will trigger and alarm you. You can freely set the distance within 0-15m apart. This is done by adjusting the Distance Adjustment Wheel (Red Indicator) on the Receiver.

Some scenarios on how this product will come useful.

(1) Prevent pets (dogs, cats) from losing, disappearing or moving too far away
(2) Reminder that an object (such as handbag) must be taken along when leaving
(3) Prevent children from leaving adults
(4) Prevent baggage or purse from being stolen

The receiver comes with a nylon string which you can hang to the object. You may even put it inside the object. The Receiver is in the form of a keychain and can be chained anyway on the body.

Some basic feature of the device:

* Remind losing or theft

* Environmental friendly without radiation
* Search Function
* Ring plus Vibration Alert
* Sleek, compact and easy to carry
* Distance can be varied accordingly (jarak bisa diatur sampai dengan 15 m)

Transmitter 44mm x 28mm x 8mm
Weight 9.3g
Battery CR2032 x 1

Receiver 60mm x 36mm x 15mm
Weight 35.5g
Battery: AAA battery (not included)